Day 1 - Overall review - miscellaneous

  • R. Housler - Best Overall TE 40 yard dash
  • M. Cannon had the second best bench press for OL.
  • C. Gantt, G. Little, and L. Stocker had the best bench press for TE. NOTE: G. Little did not participate in the on field drills, and I was not impressed by Gantt.
  • V. Green had an incredible day, as mentioned before, but I don’t think I talked about his vertical jump! Blew everyone away. His Broad Jump also impressive. 
  • D. Kilgore and K. O’Dowd had impressive vertical Jumps, but otherwise, I didn’t find them particularly impressive.
  • J. King had a great broad jump, but the analysts weren’t impressed by him, but I think he is going to do better than they think.
  • Unimpressive times in the 3-cone drill by the TE, and the OL even worse.
  • Slow 20 yard shuttles for the OL, but hey, what should I expect, right? 
  • J. Cameron had a nice 20 yard shuttle, and a decent 60 yard shuttle. 

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